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Quickly has become Zowdow!

Quickly was conceived in Los Angeles by the team that created Overture and invented paid search. We exist to help mobile users get things done faster than ever before. To reflect the dynamic, unique value proposition we offer our partners and their users, we’ve changed our name to Zowdow! Check out our new site today at

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Zowdow works with mobile browsersOTT keyboardsmessaging apps, and really any text-input box – injecting contextually relevant, just-in-time suggestions.

We’re growing:

2016 has seen explosive growth for Zowdow. In January we processed fewer than 10 million user interactions – in May we’ve responded to well over 300 million, and we’ll break that record in June.


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Increased discovery velocity


We strive to help mobile users find relevant, useful content more rapidly. Looking at data from one of our mobile browser partners in May 2016, we reduced the time it takes users to find the thing they want by 18%.

Increased engagement


Mobile users find text hard to process, and our card based graphical display units are a core part of our solution. By presenting content suggestions in card format, we see a 70% increase in user engagement compared to Google or Bing.

User experience satisfaction


As well as measuring changes to user behavior, we recently completed a study to understand what mobile users think of the Zowdow solution. We’re delighted with the findings, but keep working to make the experience even better.

If you’d like to schedule a demo or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.