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ZOWDOW 2.0 SDK : animations, gifs, video & more.

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We’re excited to announce our new 2.0 mobile suggestion SDKs for Android and iOS. Here’s a quick run through on all that is new and improved:

New: Carousels & Animations

Perhaps the most engaging feature in 2.0 are a range of new animations for carousels. You can now pick between Stream, Midstream, Cover flow, Stack, 3D and Rotary carousels.


New: Card Formats

We now offer 3 suggestion card shapes: Inline, Stamp, Ticket


  • Cards can be scaled by your client for different devices and UX scenarios.
  • Cards are now presented with rounded corners for a more organic and natural feel.

New: Card Details

ZOWDOW Suggestion cards now include more dynamic detail – for example whether a business is currently closed or open, the distance from current location and the number of reviews.

new details

New: Animated GIFs

 We have partnered with Tenor to offer GIF’s within a carousel. This is ideal for suggestions within keyboards, messaging apps and other places where users are looking for entertainment and ways to express emotions.


New: Video Suggestions

The 2.0 SDK provides a video player for immediate playback of all Youtube cards, so the user does not have to go outside your app to the Youtube website or app. The player has controls and can be dismissed by tapping anywhere outside the player area.

ZOWDOW youtube

New: Easier delivery and integration

The 2.0 SDK introduces a new more simpler method to integrate with your app using Cocoapods on iOS and Maven on Android. Now, you can integrate the latest version of the ZOWDOW SDK with a simple command in your development environment.

Improved: Performance enhancements

  • Optimized card scaling depending on different screen sizes & densities
  • Updated to latest libraries for
    • OkHttp dependency version to 3.6.0
    • stable Retrofit library version to 2.1.0
    • Support Library version to 25.1.0
  • Bug Fixes

Want to integrate ZOWDOW’s mobile suggestions in your mobile app or site? Contact us and we’ll get you set up fast.


Zowdow – driving repeat usage of apps through content engagement

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In our latest post we thought it would be interesting to share some Zowdow KPIs from the last few months. This data is taken across all the apps using the Zowdow SDKs (iOS and Android) and represents millions of users and hundreds of millions of user interactions.

It’s tremendously exciting for us to see how rapid changes in the Zowdow service are changing user behavior and producing tangible benefits for our partners. Let’s look at four key metrics:


We track how often users engage with the Zowdow service when it is deployed in our partner’s applications. Here we look at what % of sessions have some engagement with Zowdow. As users become more used to the content and results we provide, we find that they increasingly engage with Zowdow content suggestions. We’ve seen a 25% increase from February to July 2016, and no signs of this growth slowing.


What is causing this increased user engagement? One of the key drivers is the switch from text-based to card-based content suggestions. It seems intuitive that – especially in a mobile mode – users can process visual cards faster than reading text, and our results continue to support this core thesis of our business. Further, as users become used to a more natural, mobile, visual content browsing mode, their interactions increase. We’ve also done a lot of UX work in the last few months iterating the design and format of our cards, making them easier to digest and enabling users to find the things they want more quickly.


Discovery Velocity (Disco City to her friends) is one of the primary KPIs we sweat each and every day. We measure how long it takes a user to find the thing they are looking for, and we try to accelerate this. Mobile users are pressed for time, and a key to adding value for our app partners is helping each user get things done faster.

Increased discovery velocity reduces a user’s time-to-content. We benchmark ourselves against Google and Bing and over the last 6 months have been 18% faster. When we look at other apps (Spotify for example), we see that gap widen to over 100% in Zowdow’s favor.


So when our app partners deploy the Zowdow SDK, they see a growth in user engagement, driven by card-based, visual content, and increased discovery velocity. But how does this effect usage of our partner’s applications?

As this last chart clearly shows, the effect is to produce an increased frequency of app usage. Overall we are seeing a +39% increase in use frequency over the last 6 months, and again there is no sign of this slowing down.

There are many reasons to work with Zowdow, but we think the combination of increased engagement resulting in increased frequency of use is perhaps the most compelling.

To find out more about Zowdow or to arrange a demo, please contact us.

Kapow! Proudly announcing Zowdow

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Quickly has become Zowdow!

Quickly was conceived in Los Angeles by the team that created Overture and invented paid search. We exist to help mobile users get things done faster than ever before. To reflect the dynamic, unique value proposition we offer our partners and their users, we’ve changed our name to Zowdow! Check out our new site today at

zd page blur

Zowdow works with mobile browsersOTT keyboardsmessaging apps, and really any text-input box – injecting contextually relevant, just-in-time suggestions.

We’re growing:

2016 has seen explosive growth for Zowdow. In January we processed fewer than 10 million user interactions – in May we’ve responded to well over 300 million, and we’ll break that record in June.


disco city


user feedback

Increased discovery velocity


We strive to help mobile users find relevant, useful content more rapidly. Looking at data from one of our mobile browser partners in May 2016, we reduced the time it takes users to find the thing they want by 18%.

Increased engagement


Mobile users find text hard to process, and our card based graphical display units are a core part of our solution. By presenting content suggestions in card format, we see a 70% increase in user engagement compared to Google or Bing.

User experience satisfaction


As well as measuring changes to user behavior, we recently completed a study to understand what mobile users think of the Zowdow solution. We’re delighted with the findings, but keep working to make the experience even better.

If you’d like to schedule a demo or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.